Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Photo Issue #2, Page 1

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In the drawn issues, I wanted every letter to be different from the letter before, and did sentences different. For the first issue, the letters written by the Soulscourger were re-written by my hand to look as close to that page as possible. This page, I allowed it to differ more. As we go on, the transition will continue until each letter is unique as it was, and will be again, for issues #3 and #4.

Which is a total and complete pain in my ass! I can see why my artist in the drawn issues didn't do every letter. When I finish this series (planned 6 comics), and if I move on to another series, I'll probably go to back to entire sentences. 

Photo Issue #2, Cover Photo

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And so the new re-issue begins!

I was surprised how hard it was to find a sickle. Easy to find saw blades, or curved saw blades, but sickles are apparently a thing that don't exist anymore.

Photo Issue #1, Page 18

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The last page of photo issue #1. I love book ending stories. When Hones first steps in (page 11), Hones states every day he hates his job a little more. Now that he's dealing with a serial killer, he just out right hates it.

Photo Issue #2 will be following Detective Hones as he tries to hunt down this new vicious Serial Killer, much like he did in the drawn comics. While the 1st photo issue followed pretty faithfully to the drawn issue, the 2nd comic is going to have some additional content that did not make it into the drawn comic. While the 2nd issue won't start next week, I won't have you all waiting until next fall either. I'm hoping just a week or two off will get me situated.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dameon Strykes Issue #1, Page 17

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I create 4 layers for every page. The first layer is the image itself. The second layer is my copyright. The third layer is labeled as whomever is speaking, so this page would be listed as "Hones." The fourth layer is labeled as "Skull." In nearly every page, I have hidden a skull into the image. The skull has generally had its opacity greatly decreased, but its been in every image. As an example, in this page, its hidden in the carpet in the lower right hand side.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Dameon Strykes Issue #1, Page 16

This was directly behind a building I used to live in. I thought it was a great shot. Again, I’m not going to show you the gruesome, I’m going to let your mind go there. Only one of my shots has ever showed actual death:

That’s actual roadkill. I was hunting for roadkill for months. I was not going to kill something with my car to get this shot, so I had to hunt. I spent weekends driving through country roads. On my way to a wedding, I came across a dead raccoon. I decided that was not the time to take a picture of it, because it was in the middle of the day and the lighting was just all wrong. After the wedding, I went to the same location and apparently people cleaned up the kill.
I was getting so desperate that I actually asked friends that if they found roadkill in my area to let me know so I could get a picture of it.  I love my friends, because more than one responded. One even sent me a picture of their find, and I was about to use that photo.
Week that the cover is supposed to be released, I’m driving home from a camping trip. It’s dark, like using my brights dark, and I notice this dead deer.  This is a long highway with no nearby exits or turn-arounds. I need this shot though, so I take a U-turn in the middle of the highway, drive beyond the deer, and take another. I park behind it. My cameras battery is flashing low. I quickly get out of my car, and take as many pictures as I can, with my headlights, with my brights, without, with my brake lights every way I can until my camera is dead. I don’t review the photos or anything, and my camera dies. I just cross my fingers and hope that it works.
Two shots turned out, and so we get the double cover.

Dameon Strykes Issue #1, Page 15

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Some of my photos make me feel like I’m doing something illegal. Strangely, it is not the photographs where I’m actually doing something illegal, but a photo like this. I simply walked into an area that had a jewelry shop that was locked up, and took photographs of the jewelry from behind the bars.  There was nothing illegal about my actions, but at the same time I was worried someone would think I was staking out the place and call the cops on me.
Doesn’t help that I walked in and out of the stores three times that night with my camera just waiting for them to lock up. Yeah, not suspicious at all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dameon Strykes Issue #1, Page 14

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I have an aversion to using real people's faces. One of the big reasons is if I do it once, it might be more and more expected. Then I need "actors," and actors are people who are not nor on my time schedule. It is frequently difficult for me  to find the right shot I want, but then to have people rush out to be in the photo would make this project impossible to do.

Sometimes a face is needed though. Luckily, Sheppard Douglas' artwork for the drawn comic book gets to be resurrected at those times. So now we get to meet Agent Constance Wu.